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Krakow Tours to Auschwitz, Wadowice, Wieliczka and more

Being in Krakow – both recreationally as well as on business – an obligatory element is sightseeing. Krakow is a magical place which pulsate with culture, art and history. Diversity of monuments and characteristic, exceptional atmosphere encourage to meet this royal city. Except Krakow only, Krakow tours thrive among tourists. These are trips to the near towns known in the world mostly from its tourism and history. The speciality of our company is organization of many interesting Krakow tours. Are you interested in such a trip? Look through the details of pour attractive offer.

What do we offer within Krakow tours?

There are trips to salt mine in Wieliczka, Wadowice, Zakopane, Częstochowa or Oświęcim within our Krakow tours offer. Interesting option is also rafting on the Dunajec river. Certainly, everyone will find something for them. We are specialists in Krakow tours field – you can trust us because we guarantee a safe and fine trip. In case of each offered Krakow tour we provide mainly comfortable round-trips, insurance and help with arranging and buying entrance tickets.

Learn more about Krakow tours

Do you have additional questions concerning out diverse and attractive Krakow tours offer? If required, we will provide you with the advice and help to resolve possible doubts. We encourage to contact our team in order to set the details concerning organization of your dream Krakow tour.

See detailed plan for transfers nad tours

Before you will check the prices of Dream Cab Kraków transfers and tours see what’s included:

  • Transport to and from (eg. to Auschwitz and return)
  • Total cost of transport, fuel, parking cost
  • Meeting at appointed place (eg. at your hotel, apartment etc.)
  • Organizing tickets and tour guides at all places. You don't have to go anywhere - just give the money to a driver and he will take care of everything
  • Door to door exclusive service (car, van or bus will be only for your disposal)
  • Assurance of safety and professionalism (licensed company)
  • Insurance
  • Private car (air conditioning)Experienced, friendly and helpful English-speaking drivers


Tour Passengers
1 2 3 4 to 8 more
All prices listed in the table are in Zloty/Euro per person.
Auschwitz Birkenau Tour 340/85 170/42 120/30 100/25 contact
Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour 200/50 100/25 70/18 60/15 contact
Auschwitz and Wieliczka
Salt Mine Tour
420/105 210/52 150/38 120/30 contact
Auschwitz and Wadowice Tour 400/100 200/50 140/35 120/30 contact
Wadowice Tour 250/63 125/31 100/25 80/20 contact
Zakopane Tour 470/118 240/60 180/45 150/38 contact
Dunajec Rafting Tour 470/118 240/60 180/45 160/40 contact
Częstochowa Black Madonna Tour 500/125 250/63 200/50 160/40 contact
Krakow Tour + Shindler's Factory Tour for FREE 200/50 100/25 70/18 60/15 contact

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If you need an further information about this service or any other tour or transfer provided by Dream Cab please contact us. Our team is always happy to answer your question and give helpful advices.


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