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Auschwitz Birkenau Tours and Transfers from Krakow, Visit Auschwitz

The former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz Birkenau is the greatest symbol of the violence of the World War II. It was established by the Nazis in 1941, in the suburbs of the city of Oswiecim, west off Krakow. After 1942, according to the Nazi “Final Solution” plan, it also became a death camp. 

Visit Auschwitz for a sobering, yet culturally important tour around a place which has become a world-renowned symbol of cruel genocide, bestiality and terror.

During an Auschwitz Birkenau tour you will see up close the largest Nazi concentration camp ever built, with its barracks, places of executions and gas chambers. It is believed that until early 1945, 1,5 million people were murdered there, ca. 90% of whom were Jews. However, the number of prisoners also included Poles, Soviet Army soldiers, Gypsies, and all who were considered “unfit” by the Nazi regime, the tragic story of whom is told by the remaining exhibits. Located not far away from Krakow, Auschwitz offers not only a tour of a place, but also a deeply moving lesson on the history of mankind.

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Dream Cab team will take you on an Auschwitz tour straight from the Krakow city centre, swiftly and conveniently. With us, you will avoid the nuisance of going to and from Oswiecim from Krakow with public transport, as well as queuing in lines. Book the time and date of your choice and set off for an Auschwitz tour from Krakow with Dream Cab, the professionals in transfer service.

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Those who are interested proposed Auschwitz tour may contact us via e-mail or phone. Undoubtedly, it is a place which should be visited by everyone. Are you going to be in Krakow on business? Are you on a historical trip in Poland? Do not forget about our Auschwitz tour offer – it is the most meaningful and scary symbol of World War II. It is worth to book the date of Auschwitz tour now. Do not wait, call us!

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