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Czestochowa (The Black Madonna) Tour and Transfers

The complex Jasna Gora contains many objects that can be entered by Gate Lubomirski, Gate of Lady Queen of Polish and Gate of Lady of Sorrows. It is a huge monastery, which was built on a hill near Częstowchowa city. It was also one of the biggest medieval fortress of Europe defending Poland against the threads.

You will definitely want to enter the Chapel of Our Lady, in which the image of Black Madonna with the Child Jesus is placed. It is most well known of its miracles and rich history.

Czestochowa – Black Madonna tour

Częstochowa is undoubtedly one of the best known towns in Poland. It is the place of Marian worship’s birth while Jasna Góra has become the most important centre of pilgrimages in the country. Black Madonna tour is a very popular trip organised for foreign tourists. Every year the masses of pilgrims (about 3-4 million) from around the world want to see the Miraculous picture of Częstochowska Mother of God. Join them thanks to our Czestochowa tour.

Why is it worth to take advantage of Czestochowa tour and transfers – Black Madonna?

Within organised Czestochowa (Black Madonna) tour the most important point is visiting of sanctuary lying on the Jasna Góra hill. There is a picture of Blessed Virgin Mary which is surrounded by a special worship among the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox faithful. The picture which will be seen during Black Madonna tour in Częstochowa is believed to be miraculous. On the territory of the local monastery there is a special book where we can find a huge list of miracles which happened under the picture. To many people, Częstochowa tour – Black Madonna is a perfect chance not only for sightseeing and getting deep into the Polish history but also exceptional chance to pray to the miraculous picture.

Take part in a special Black Madonna (Czestochowa) tour

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