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Prague, the proud city of the Czech Republic, has been a renowned tourist destination for many years. And it is not without reason that people like to visit Prague. After all, who would resist the magic of the winding, narrow streets of the Old Town, the spacious squares with overlooking classy tenements, the castle lurking in the mist of the dawn, or simply, the warm-hearted Czechs and their tasty beers?:

If you have come all the way to Krakow, why not taking the next step and hitting Prague, which is a real treat if you’re into historic cities with some of that unique magic charm.

If you are thinking of going from Krakow to Prague by bus, why not combine the comfort of travelling door-to-door by car with the assurance of organized travel?

If there is anything worth seeing in the area of Krakow, these two places definitely stand out. Both historically important, and UNESCO appreciated, the two destinations are quite different in character. As a former Nazi death camp, Auschwitz is a monument to destroying what is most precious, the human life. 

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Dream Cab’s team will take you straight from Krakow to Prague in style, so you can enjoy its many superb sites. Start anyway you wish: from the Charles Bridge, the Main Square or the Hradcany Castle with its famous Golden Street – these are but a few of Prague must-sees. Actually, if you are more of an outdoor person, you won’t regret coming from Krakow to Prague, as many of its charms are available on foot.

And after a long and exhausting day of drinking in the spirit of Prague, we will drive you to one of the city’s famous inns for a genuine Czech dinner and beer.

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If you want to visit Prague in style, contact us today for a personalized trip or transfer to the capital city of Bohemia.

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